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Plaques & Accessories JDS Industries, Inc.Genuine Walnut PlaquesJDS Industries, Inc.CStep-Edge WalnutSizePart No.Case Qty.4" x 6"GWST46245" x 7"GWST57246" x 8"GWST68247" x 9"GWST79248" x 10"GWST810249" x 12"GWST9121210 1/2" x 13"GWST1013612" x 15"GWST1215612" x 18"GWST1218616" x 20"GWST1620618" x 24"GWST18241For Premium, Hand Matched Walnut Plaques, see page 691.45° Bevel WalnutProfileSizePart No.Case Qty.4" x 6"GW4X6245" x 7"GW5X7246" x 8"GW6X8247" x 9"GW7X9248" x 10"GW8X10249" x 12"GW9X121210 1/2" x 13"GW10X13612" x 15"GW12X15612" x 18"GW12X18616" x 20"GW16X206See pages 701-718 for plaque platesProfileAll Plaques on this page are 3/4" thick and have a keyhole on 2 sides.689Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Plaques & Accessories

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