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2018 Components Catalog Plaques & AccessoriesGenuine Walnut PlaquesProfileElliptical Edge Round CornerSizePart No.Case Qty.6" x 8"GWER6800247" x 9"GWER7900248" x 10"GWER8100249" x 12"GWER91201210 1/2" x 13"GWER1013612" x 15"GWER12156SizePart No.Case Qty.7" x 9"GWES7900248" x 10"GWES8100249" x 12"GWES91201210 1/2" x 13"GWES10136ProfileElliptical Edge Square CornerSee pages 701-718 for plaque platesRounded Corner With Raised FaceSizePart No.Suggested Plate SizeCase Qty.7" x 9"GWR795" x 7"248" x 10"GWR8106" x 8"249" x 12"GWR9127" x 10"12ProfileAll Plaques on this page are 3/4" thick and have a keyhole on 2 sides.CWhere Your Business Is Always Appreciated690J JPlaques & Accessories

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