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2018 Components Catalog Plaques & AccessoriesValue PlaquesTM with PinHigh quality Value PlaquesTM with the added bene t of an attached pin for standing. Plaques can stand or hang horizontally or vertically.Gloss Cherry Finish  TMwith PinGloss Black FinishCherry SAMPLE SET #VPKSET1 Black SAMPLE SET #VPKSET2ProfileTM with PinJDS Value PlaquesTMwith Pin include metal Pin neatly stored in the plaque. Designed for easy assembly and versatility.CSee pages 701-718 for plaque platesSizeGloss Cherry Part No.Gloss Black Part No.Case Qty.4 1/4" x 6"VP4CVP4K525" x 7"VP5CVP5K526" x 8"VP6CVP6K407" x 9"VP7CVP7K308" x 10"VP8CVP8K249" x 12"VP9CVP9K16JDS Value PlaquesTM are packaged in a double wall box with styrofoam separators to ensure safe shipping.Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated694J JPlaques & Accessories

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