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Plaques & Accessories JDS Industries, Inc.Laserable Leatherette Plaque PlatesJDS Industries, Inc.Gray lasers to black. Black lasers to silver.Gray SAMPLE SET #LL5SETBlack/Silver SAMPLE SET #LL6SETGrayPlaque plates are 1/16" thick with stitched edging.Lasers to Black for Great Contrast.SizePart No.Case Qty.4" x 6"LL5-4665" x 7"LL5-5766" x 8"LL5-6867" x 10"LL5-7106Shown on VPN2912 Plaque. See page 683.Lasers to Silverfor an Elegant Look.Black/SilverSizePart No.Case Qty.4" x 6"LL6-4665" x 7"LL6-5766" x 8"LL6-6867" x 10"LL6-7106Shown on PNA912 Plaque. See page 679.C703Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Plaques & Accessories

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