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Medals & Ribbons JDS Industries, Inc.2" Laserable Dog TagsShown actual size. Dog Tags can be lasered, burnished or scratch engraved.JDS Industries, Inc.FOR DISPLAY SET See Page 749.Laserable on Front and Back!Chain sold separately. Case Qty: 25DT101Baseball Size: 2"DT102Basketball Size: 2"DT103Cheer Size: 2"DTCHAIN2Silver Metal Neck Chain Size: 30"Case Qty: 25Back SideDT104Football Size: 2"DT105Golf Size: 2"DT106Hockey Size: 2"DT107Soccer Size: 2"DT108Softball Size: 2"DT109Tennis Size: 2"DT110Track Size: 2"DT111Volleyball Size: 2"DT112Blank Star Size: 2"DT113Blank Size: 2"For Sublimatable Dog Tags see pages 407-408.C727Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Medals & Ribbons

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