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Medals & Ribbons JDS Industries, Inc.High Relief Medals - 2"Available in antique gold, antique silver and antique bronze. When ordering add a “G” for Gold,“S” for Silver and “B” for Bronze. Engravable on back side. For Neck Ribbons and Drapes see pages 751-755.JDS Industries, Inc.FOR DISPLAY SET See Page 747.Case Qty: 25HR700AchievementHR775CheerHR790Female GymnasticsHR745SoccerHR765Antique GoldAntique SilverHR705Baseball/SoftballHR780Cross CountryHR730HockeyHR750SwimmingHR770HR710BasketballHR720FootballHR735Martial ArtsHR755TennisHR801HR715BowlingBack SideAntique BronzeHR725GolfHR740Lamp of KnowledgeHR800TorchHR802HR795Male GymnasticsHR785MusicHR760TrackHR803VolleyballWrestling1st (Gold Only)2nd (Gold or Silver)3rd (Gold or Bronze)C743Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Medals & Ribbons

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