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Gifts & Engravables JDS Industries, Inc.Pens of DistinctionPens of Distinction include brass bullet pens, a slimline penJDS Industries, Inc.and bases for mounting on various substrates. Case Qty: 100CPN10Brass Bullet Pen with Florentine FinishPN20Black Bullet Pen with Gold BandPN30AExecutive Slimline PenPN11Stick-on Base for PN10PN21Screw-on Base with screw for PN20PN31Stick-on Base for PN30ALaserable Pen with StylusSAMPLE SET #LP830SETIncludes LP831- LP836See pages 77 & 82 for pen cases.These laserable metal pens feature an anodized aluminum barrel for easy lasering. The LP830 Series Pens have a gloss  nish, silver trim, stylus tip and black ink.The LP836 Pen features a bamboo barrel, silver trim, stylus tip and black ink.LP830 SeriesGloss Ballpoint Pens Case Qty: 50CPens have stylus tip!LP831Gloss Black Size: 5 1/8"LP832Gloss Blue Size: 5 1/8"LP833Gloss Red Size: 5 1/8"LP834Gloss Green Size: 5 1/8"LP835Gloss Burgundy Size: 5 1/8"LP836Bamboo Size: 5 1/8"LP830 series pens include a stylus for use with any touch screen device.79Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Gifts & Engravables

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