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Plastic Figures, Risers & Trim JDS Industries, Inc.Twist-N-LockĀ© Figures, Risers, Holders & CupJDS Industries, Inc.TWIST SAMPLE SET #TWISTSET1Use with Twist-N-Lock Bases or with traditional trophy bases and hardware.CaseQty: 50CTL101Baseball/Softball Size: 5"All figures have a stud that can be used with Twist-N-LockĀ© bases or traditional bases& hardware.TL102Basketball Size: 5"TL103Bowling Size: 5"TL104Football Size: 5"TL105Lamp of Knowledge Size: 5"TL106Martial Arts Size: 5"TL107Soccer Size: 5"TL1082" Holder Size: 6 1/2"TLR0015-Star Riser Size: 5"TLR0024-Star Riser with 2" Holder Size: 5"TLC301Cup Size: 3"881Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Plastic Figures, Risers & Trim

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