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2018 Components Catalog Gifts & EngravablesInsert Area LightersCustomizable with inserts. Great for personalization. Inserts sold separately. See pages 615.Case Qty: 10Lighters come packaged in a laserable box.Laserable Lighters in Laserable Metal TinLaser friendly products for gifts, promotions & incentives.Completed ExampleLighters have a 1" recessed insert area.LL21Matte Black Lighter 1" Insert AreaLL20*Chrome Lighter 1" Insert AreaLLT01Black Tin Box Case Qty: 1LL10*Chrome Lighter in Black Tin Case Qty: 10LL11LL12Matte Pink Lighter in Black TinCase Qty: 10Matte Black Lighter in Black TinCase Qty: 10Rosewood Piano Finish HumidorLaser friendly, great for corporate gifts and commemoration.HMD01CCCRosewood Piano Finish Humidor with Hygrometer & Humidi erInside of box made of “Spanish Cedar” (Cigars not included)Size: 91/2"x71/4"x2" Case Qty: 2Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated92J JGifts & Engravables

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