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Plastic Figures, Risers & Trim JDS Industries, Inc.JDS Plastic CupsJDS Industries, Inc.See pages 769-794 for Completed Plastic, Metal and Resin Cups and accessories.LID2644Lid for CUP2604 Case Qty: 100LID2655Lid for CUP2605 Case Qty: 50LID2666Lid for CUP2606 Case Qty: 50CUP2604Plastic Cup Size: 4"Case Qty: 100CUP2605Plastic Cup Size: 4 3/4" Case Qty: 50CUP2606Plastic Cup Size: 5 3/4" Case Qty: 50CLID2677Lid for CUP2607 Case Qty: 25LID2688Lid for CUP2608 Case Qty: 25CUP2607Plastic Cup Size: 7 1/4" Case Qty: 25CUP2608Plastic Cup Size: 8 3/4" Case Qty: 25931Your Recognition & Personalization PartnerJDS Industries, Inc.Plastic Figures, Risers & Trim

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