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2018 Components Catalog Plastic Figures, Risers & TrimJDS Plastic CupsSee pages 769-794 for Completed Plastic, Metal and Resin Cups and accessories.CRP81174LFits RP81174 Case Qty: 100RP81175LFits RP81175 Case Qty: 50RP81176LFits RP81176 Case Qty: 50RP81174Plastic Cup Size: 4"Case Qty: 100RP81175Plastic Cup Size: 5" Case Qty: 50RP81176Plastic Cup Size: 6" Case Qty: 50RP81177LFits RP81177 Case Qty: 20RP81178LFits RP81178 Case Qty: 15RP81177Plastic Cup Size: 7 1/4" Case Qty: 20RP81178Plastic Cup Size: 8" Case Qty: 15Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated932J JPlastic Figures, Risers & Trim

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