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2018 Components Catalog Gifts & EngravablesGift/Promotional ItemsCHES01Rosewood Finish Chess Set Size: 91/8"x103/4"x13/4" Case Qty: 6Shown OpenRosewood FinishCard & Dice SetIncludes 2 Decks of Cards & 5 Dice Size: 71/2"x41/2"x15/8"Case Qty: 10Great for Lasering!Shown ClosedMNC01Wood Mancala SetIncludes marblesClosedSize: 51/8"x85/8"x11/2" Case Qty: 12Shown ClosedDOM01Rosewood Finish Dominos Set Includes 92 DominosSize: 77/8"x43/4"x33/8" Case Qty: 2Shown ClosedCRD01Shown ClosedAssembles into full size golf putter.GLF02Rosewood Finish Golf Box Holds 4 sleeves of Golf Balls (Golf balls not included) Size: 73/4"x6"x21/4" Case Qty: 12CGLF01Rosewood FinishExecutive Golf Gift Set Includes 4-Piece Putter,2 Golf Balls& Automatic Ball Return Size: 13 3/4" x 12 1/8" x 3" Case Qty: 4Where Your Business Is Always Appreciated98J JGifts & Engravables

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