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    2020 Components Catalog
  Artwork Requirements:
Artwork is PREFERRED in the following PC formats: CorelDraw (.cdr) or Adobe Illustrator (saved as .eps or .pdf file format).
All digital artwork should be supplied as
line art (vector art). For color artwork please specify the exact PMS colors used. All type must be converted to outlines (curves). Hard copy artwork should be as large as possible within an 8.5” x 11” for scanning purposes. Digital images should be vector artwork
(not bitmapped/raster) and saved in either CorelDraw or Adobe Illustrator as an EPS (encapsulated PostScript) file WITHOUT COMPRESSION.
DO NOT send raster images that are embedded within another file, such as within Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.
All artwork created on a Macintosh should be saved in a PC format with type converted to outlines.
Images that contain halftones, tints, grayscales or are intended for process color separation should have a bitmap resolution of at least 300 pixels-per-inch and supplied at finished size or larger. All artwork files should also be emailed in a PDF format for reference.
Word documents, faxes, photocopies, business cards & letterheads are NOT considered acceptable artwork and CANNOT BE USED FOR ARTWORK.
JPEGs, GIFFs, TIFFs and all other bitmap files (not vector based) can be submitted for use at a resolution of NO LESS than 300 pixels-per- inch and supplied at finished size or larger.
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