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 2020 Components Catalog Acrylic Awards
            Jewel Post Impress Acrylics
Colored mirror base. Includes adhesive on acrylic bottom for permanent attachment. Acrylic is shipped unattached. Size listed includes base. Blanks are 1/2" thick.
7" Jewel Post SAMPLE SET #iMP135SET 7" Beveled Post SAMPLE SET #iMP140SET
      Case Qty: 6
 Peel & Stick!
           iMP135G Size: 7" iMP136G Size: 8"
Gold Jewel Post Impress Acrylic
iMP135BU Size: 7" iMP136BU Size: 8"
Blue Jewel Post Impress Acrylic
iMP135S Size: 7" iMP136S Size: 8"
Silver Jewel Post Impress Acrylic
Premier Acrylic is the Ultimate way to Recognize the Highest Achievement.
   iMP140G Size: 7"
iMP141G Size: 8"
Gold Beveled Post Impress Acrylic
iMP140BU Size: 7" iMP141BU Size: 8"
Blue Beveled Post Impress Acrylic
iMP140S Size: 7"
iMP141S Size: 8"
Silver Beveled Post Impress Acrylic
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