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         Sandcarving Materials & Supplies TromartAwards
  Ikonics Imaging® Sandcarving Equipment
made in the
                         Smartcarving Construction with Patented CleanFlo Tapeless Technology.
CrystalBlastTM Summit Features
     Part # CRYSUMMIT Crystal Blast Summit
With Patented CleanFlo Technology
• ASME 50 lb Capacity Pressure Pot with Clean-Out Port
• 100% Welded—12 and 14 Gauge Steel
• 700 CFM Exhaust Blower with a 220 sq. ft. Certified Filter Cartridge
• Industrial Foot Pedal with Industrial Lexair, High Pressure Long Wear Valve • Micro Abrasive Hose with Quick Disconnect Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
• Pot Scalper Screen
• Air Regulator, Filter, Water Trap and Gauge
• Full-View Laminated Viewing Window with Protector Glass
• Heavy Duty Lockable Door Latch
• Complete with Machine Wheels
• Tapeless Interchangeable Port System
• Automated Toggle Switch
• Automated Hopper Vibration Button
• Removable Front Opening for Arm Ports or Brushes
Overall: 38"Lx44"Wx86"H Working: 36"Lx24"Wx30"H DoorOpening: 15"Wx25.5"H WindowwithProtector: 31"Wx16"H
Entry-level cabinet packed with features.
CrystalBlastTM Pioneer Features
• Ergonomically designed for standing operation
• ASME 50 lb capacity pressure pot with clean-out port
• Removable Patented Cyclone 150
• 100% welded—12 and 14 gauge steel
• Micro abrasive hose with quick disconnect tungsten carbide nozzle • Pot scalper screen
• Air regulator, filter, water trap and gauge
• Safety glass with window protector
• Industrial pinch valve
• Available for purchase less dust collector
• Dust collector upgrades available
Overall: 26"Wx24.5"Dx67"H
Working: 24"Wx24"Dx24"H DoorOpening: 19"Wx19"H WindowwithProtector: 15.5"Wx13.5"H
Optional Features
• Removable Glide Thru door
         110 Coil Cartridge Filtration Dust Collector
Part # CRYPIONEERWVAC CrystalBlast Pioneer with Vac
Cabinets are DROP SHIP ONLY, F.O.B. MN and not included in Free Freight.
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 Sandcarving Materials & Supplies

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