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  Ikonics Imaging® Sandcarving Supplies RapidMASK®
The only photoresist film on the market today that requires absolutely no washout. RapidMASK® dry processing, self adhesive, photoresist films are by far the most innovative films available. With fine detail, halftone making ability and strong blast resistance, the combination of RapidMASK® High Detail and RapidMASK® High Tack provide an effortless sandcarving experience. RapidMASK® films... step into the future of sandcarving.
made in the
                            RapidMASK® HD (2 mil)
  Part No.
10" x 12" 10 Sheet Pack 10" x 12" 25 Sheet Pack 12" x 25' Roll
12" x 100' Roll
Designed for fine lines and photographic images
Designed for deep etching or stage carving
  RapidMASK® Features:
• dry processing
• fine halftone making ability • self adhesive
• strong blast resistance
Sheets sold in full packs only.
RapidMASK® HT (4 mil)
      Part No.
   UltraPEEL® HD Self-Adhesive Photoresist Film
UltraPEEL® photoresist film makes decorative sandcarving simple, productive and enjoyable. UltraPEEL® is engineered for professional sandcarving applications in which quick processing and high production are critical. UltraPEEL® promotes efficient mask production by eliminating the time-consuming and messy application of adhesive. Ideally suited for paint filling, repositionability and blast durability. UltraPEEL® is preferred by both small artisan carvers and large production operations alike.
10" x 12" 10 Sheet Pack 10" x 12" 25 Sheet Pack 12" x 25' Roll
12" x 100' Roll
Sheets sold in full packs only.
   UltraPEEL® Features
• Easy handling - not tacky until after washout • Perfect mask for paint filling
• Amazing ability to be repositioned
• Incredible blast durability
• Notably the finest detail ability
• Tremendous integrity for peeling after blasting
Sheets sold in full packs only.
UltraPEEL® HD (3.5 mil)
 Part No.
   PEEL3510X1210S PEEL3510X1225S PEEL3510X25RL PEEL3514X25RL
10" x 12" 10 Sheet Pack 10" x 12" 25 Sheet Pack 10" x 25' Roll
14" x 25' Roll
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