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 Cast Removable & Permanent Vinyl
MPI 1405 PVC Free Easy ApplyTM RS
Avery Dennison MPI 1405 Polyurethane Film is a premium gloss opaque film designed for use on textured wall surfaces such as brick and cinderblock as well as fleet marking, vehicle wraps and corporate identity applications. MPI 1405 provides superior conformability to irregular surfaces such as compound curves and corrugations. Easy ApplyTM RS feature offers the benefits of reduced wrinkling and air entrapment inherent in the application of larger graphics. The RS feature also provides repositionability and slide-ability for exact positioning. Graphics should be overlaminated with DOL6460 Clear Polyurethane.
                  OUTDOOR DURABILITY: 6 Years Laminated, 12 Years Unprinted OVERLAMINATE: DOL6460 Cast Polyurethane
FILM THICKNESS: 2.0 mil Cast Polyurethane
Common Applications:
• Outdoor Textured Surfaces • Vehicle
• Fleet
• Rail Car
• POP/Tradeshow • Outdoor Signage • Hospitals
MPI 1106 High Tack Easy ApplyTM
ADHESIVE: Long Term Removable Grey Acrylic Easy ApplyTM Repositionable and Slideable
LINER: 90# Easy ApplyTM RS
CONFORMABILITY: Flat, flat with rivets, corrugations, complex curves (vehicle wraps), moderately textured walls DRY APPLY ONLY
ASTM E84 Class 1 or A rating
  MPI 1405 PVC Free Easy ApplyTM RS
Part No.
   54" x 50 yd
    60" x 50 yd
                                 Avery Dennison MPI 1106 gloss premium cast film is an opaque solid color, conformable vinyl film designed for use in demanding applications. The aggresive adhesive system is designed for use on low energy substrates such as plastics, powder coat paints, fiberglass, clear coats and painted metal surfaces. This product is ideal for a variety of outdoor projects.
OUTDOOR DURABILITY: 7 Years Unprinted OVERLAMINATE: MPI 1106 Supercast must be laminated with DOL 1060Z, 1080Z, 1360Z, 1370Z, 1380Z, or 1460Z Series laminates.
FILM THICKNESS: 2.0 mil Cast Opaque
Common Applications:
• Heavy Equipment
• Trucks and Trailers
• Buses and Transit
• Rail Car
• Commuter Rail
• Snow vehicles
• ATV/Recreational Vehicles
Avery Dennison® Products
Avery Dennison® Products can ONLY be distributed to customers in the United States and US Territories.
FINISH: Gloss White
ADHESIVE: Permanent Clear Acrylic Easy ApplyTM (Air Egress) LINER: 90# Easy ApplyTM
CONFORMABILITY: Flat, flat with rivets, corrugations, complex curves, DRY APPLY ONLY
  MPI 1106 High Tack Easy ApplyTM
Part No.
  54" x 50 yd
Always test vinyl prior to installation on vehicles.
Do not compromise safety features such as backup sensors and cameras.
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