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   NEW Kota ProTM Cube Retractable Banner Stands
Introducing the Cube – a new banner stand system designed to help drive sales and increase profits. The Cube delivers the ability to easily connect single-sided stands into a wide variety of configurations with two, three, four or more sides.
• Use the Dual Stand Connector to convert two Cube stands into a strong and stable double-sided display.
• Use the Link Attachment to connect multiple single-sided stands into triangles, squares, and other custom configurations.
Backed by a 100% quality guarantee, Kota Pro Cube banner stands are designed for interior use only. Banner material is sold separately.
Cube Retractable Banner Single-Sided Display
• Visible Print Dimensions: 33.5" x 79" • Material Dimensions: 33.5" x 84"
6" bottom leader recommended
• Stand Dimensions: 34" x 82"
• Affordable and lightweight for easy transport • Reinforced design for extra strength
• 2 folding feet for improved stability
• 3 piece support pole for stable long term use • Mounting tape included for quick installation • FREE travel case with strap
• New Unique Design
• Connect Multiple Stands to Form Creative Displays
RUD05 Includes Travel Case with Strap
RUD05 Link Attachment. Banner Stands sold separately.
RUD05 Dual Stand Connector Set. Banner Stands sold separately.
 3-Piece Set
pole connector
RUD05CON Connectors with 2 RUD05 Banner Stands
 base connectors
• Prices subject to change by manufacturer •
with 2 RUD05 Banner Stands
2 RUD05 Banner Stands with RUD05CON Dual Stand Connector
RUD05LINK Displayed with 4 RUD05 Banner Stands
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