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 2020 Components Catalog
Sign Supplies
Banner Ups® Tabs, Tapes and Hole Punch
Banner Materials & Accessories
Sign Supplies
BravoTabs® are large clear square tabs for outdoor and indoor use. These tabs can be used anywhere on a banner in place of standard metal grommets.
PowerPunchTM Tool required for BravoTabs®
MegaTape® is a double-sided version of Clear PowerTape. New clear liner with improved strength. Easy to apply and twice as strong as ordinary double-sided banner hem tape.
MEGATAPECL USA Double-Sided MegaTape®
Size: 11/2"x30yd
A single-sided banner hemming tape. Great for double-sided banners because it allows the banner graphics to show through the tape.
BAN017 made in the USA
Clear BravoTabs® Size: 4" x 2"
100 Pack
Starter Kit
• 100 pack Clear BravoTabs®
• 1 PowerPunch
• 1 roll Clear PowerTape (36 yards)
PTAPECLEAR USA Single-Sided Clear
Size: 11/2"x36yd
PoleTapeTM is a double-sided high tack tape used for creating pole pockets, hems or for splicing banner media together. Recommended for outdoor use.
POLE135 made in the USA
Double-Sided PoleTapeTM Size: 1" x 200 ft
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TigerTape® is highly UV, temperature and plasticizer resistant making it ideal for banner hemming applications.
TIGTAPE1036 USA Double-Sided TigerTape®
Size: 1"x36yd
PowerPunchTM is a hole punch for banners and coroplast. Can cut substrates up to 4.5 mm thick.
5/16" Banner Hole PowerPunchTM Tool
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