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RollePro Vinyl Application Roller
Designed to quickly roll over vinyl covered rivets and contours. This vinyl applicator has an ergonomic design and heat resistant wheel that adds speed and comfort to the application process.
RollePro Vinyl Application Roller
RollePro Vinyl Application Roller Replacement Wheel
Customer Testimonial
The soft roller worked amazing! I used it along with a heat gun to mush my wrap stencils into the crevasse of concrete block to paint this wall.
- no touch-ups needed! Thank you!
Dan Gall Sign Blazer Lakeville, NY
3M TM MPP-1 Power Grip Multi-Pin Air Release Tool
Multiple pins allow you to remove bubbles in only a single press.
Works excellent over rivets. Tool comes with a box of 48 replacement pins.
Power Grip Multi-Pin Air Release Tool
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• Prices subject to change by manufacturer •
Box of 48 replacement pins is included with tool.
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