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   OLFA Sign Tools Glass Scraper
This scraper features a durable, lightweight, multi-grip handle with a high quality stainless steel blade and safety blade cover. The low profile handle allows you to angle in close on a flat surface.
Great for scraping adhesives, films, paint, dirt and much more.
Multi-Grip Glass Scraper Includes Four Stainless Steel Blades
Detachable Safety Blade Cover
Slides Over Handle for Added Grip.
30 Pack, Multi-Grip Glass Scraper Replacement Blade 4.7" / 120mm
    Blade Disposal Can
Handy pocket size can allows for quick and safe snap-off disposal of OLFA standard and heavy duty blades.
Blade Disposal Can
  Blade Disposal
Disposes single-edge utility knife and snap-off blades, holds approximately (30) 2-sided utility blades and up to 200 snap-off blades.
Blade Disposal
Shown Closed
Reusable Blade Disposal Holster
Convenient new way to safely snap and dispose of dull blade edges. Two blade-snapping locations to accommodate left and right handed installers.
Shown Open
Disposal Holster
    • Prices subject to change by manufacturer •
DC-5 Shown Closed Reusable Blade
Shown on belt
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Lanyard not included

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