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  FoamWerks Straight Cutter
FoamWerks Straight Cutter features adjustable blade depth, quick change blade clip, magnetic blade slot, on-board blade storage drawer and five blades. Cut perfect straight edges on any depth from 1/8" to 1/2". Works great for trimming banner material and self-adhesive vinyl.
Replacement Blades
Replacement Blade C for WC6001, 5 Pack
Replacement Blade C for WC6001, 20 Pack
Straight Cutter
Works with both our Sooper Edge and Big Blue Safety Rulers!
See page 635 for our safety rulers.
 Bernzomatic® High Heat Torch Nozzle
The optimized swirl flame burns hot and efficiently for maximum heat output. The auto start/stop ignition lights and extinguishes the flame with the push of a button. Run-lock button keeps the torch lit for continuous use. Propane not included.
                           • Prices subject to change by manufacturer •
High Heat Torch Nozzle
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