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  Felt Squeegee Sleeves
Reusable felt sleeves fit "industry standard" Squeegees. Simply rotating the sleeve around your squeegee provides you with multiple clean edge surfaces, minimizing
dirt and static. The sleeve helps prevent nicks in the squeegee edge from damaging your vinyl.
3M TM Low Friction
Squeegee Sleeves
These reusable sleeves slip over the 3M PA1-B and PA1-G to help protect your vinyl from scratches. These sleeves also fit the 4" SQ101 Blue Kota ProTM Squeegee.
Kota ProTM Felt
Squeegee Block
made in the
5 Pack,
4" Reusable Low Friction Squeegee Sleeve
   6" Reusable Felt Squeegee Sleeve
4" Reusable Felt Squeegee Sleeve
 Wet Edge Squeegee
  This Teflon squeegee, with a unique microfiber edge, is ideal for wet applications. Applying water to the Wet Edge side allows the squeegee to glide over media without scratching while reducing friction.
This applicator is ideal to use with digital print mounting or installing on glass. Designed for applying vinyl materials to avoid scratching.
Felt Squeegee Block Size: 4" x 2 3/4" x 1/2"
Avery Dennison® FleXtreme
The Avery Dennison® FleXtreme squeegee's unique design helps work vinyl into vehicle channels and around difficult body lines where standard squeegees can't reach. The blue FleXtreme is harder since it is designed to seamilessly apply film to narrow curves and edges. The red FleXtreme is softer which is ideal for film application in narrow, concave parts of a vehicle.
4" Wet Edge Squeegee
   Avery Dennison®
White Stiff
4" Squeegee
                          Avery Dennison's white squeegee with blue felt strip. It's extra stiff, very durable and fantastic on flat applications.
White Stiff Squeegee
Avery Dennison® Products
Avery Dennison® Products can ONLY be distributed to customers in the United States and US Territories.
FleXtreme Squeegee
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