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Graphtec FC9000 Series
                  All New, FC9000 Series, High-Performance Cutting Plotters. The Elite FC9000 Series Plotters can now load and cut via USB Flash Memory without a PC.
30" Graphtec Cutting Plotter
42" Graphtec Cutting Plotter
54" Graphtec Cutting Plotter
64" Graphtec Cutting Plotter
        Load and Cut Via USB Flash Memory without a PC!
    Re-Engineered for Greatness
A re-engineered feeding system, tool head, and new ARMS sensor further contribute to the FC Series' class leading performance.
Print & Cut Perfected
New ARMS 8.0 features the introduction of the Datalink Barcode System in addition to other accuracy and efficiency boosting functions.
All-in-One System
Easily create and cut high quality designs with Cutting Master 4 and Graphtec Pro Studio software. Included Media Flanges and Blade Loupe ensure accurate tracking and blade setup.
Best In Class Ability
Wider range of compatible medias from thick to thin. Minimum cutting width of 1.96".
600 grams
ISM Intelligent Scan Mode
Accurately cuts graphics printed on high intensity reflective, ultra-gloss and textured media.
Expanded Area Cutting
Cuts outside the registration marks. Yields up to 30% higher output.
    Max Cutting Force
         Max Cutting Speed up to
      58.46 in/s
   Max Acceleration
  1543 in/s2
       • Prices subject to change by manufacturer •
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