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    Great for cleaning powder coated Polar Camel & Laserable Leatherette Products after lasering!
LA Awesome Cleaner Laser Residue Remover Size: 32 oz.
See pages 31-53 for our powder coated and Laserable Leatherette Polar Camels!
This Laser Cleaner has been tested successfully to clean Laser Engraving machines and their
parts, both interior and exterior. It is also great for cleaning Rotary Engraving machines. It is ideal for cleaning materials after laser engraving: residue left on wood products, sticky film left on plastics, polishing acrylics and metal products.
Laser Cleaner Size: 32 oz.
Laser Cleaner is pre-mixed and 100% natural and biodegradable.
 Novus® Plastic Polish
  Novus® Plastic Polish is designed for use on all plastic surfaces.
        Also great for cleaning laser residue from metal, glass, acrylic & ceramics.
Novus® 1 Plastic Polish cleans, shines and protects. Size: 8 oz.
Award Glo
Award Glo puts a high gloss shine on aluminum, brass, acrylic, glass & more! It is citrus based, safe and easy to use.
Novus® 2 Fine Scratch Remover removes fine scratches.
Size: 8 oz.
Award Glo Size: 8 oz.
AG1 & OX13 can only be shipped by ground in the Continential U.S.
Oxidation Solution
Oxidizes both aluminum and brass.
Oxidation Solution Size: 4 oz.
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