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Lazer DarkTM Laser Color Spray
LazerDarkTM aerosol spray is a semi-transparent coloring spray for enhancing and coloring the laser engraved area on most types of wood.
Part No.
LDK200 LDK201 LDK202 LDK203 LDK204 LDK205 LDK206 LDK207 LDK208 LDK209
Clear Finish Coat Dark Brown Black White Glaze Gold Glaze Silver Glaze Red Glaze Blue Glaze Green Glaze Yellow Glaze
9 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz. 11 oz.
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1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
LazerDarkTM How-To Video!
LazerDarkTM can only be shipped by ground in the Continential U.S.
• Quick & Easy To Use
• Permanent & High Contrast Marking • Virtually No Wicking for a Clean Fill
Applying LazerDarkTM
1. Apply laser masking to plaque (see page XXX for laser masking).
2. Laser plaque.
3. Apply one medium coat of LazerDarkTM color spray
per instructions on can. Allow 1-3 min to dry.
4. Repeat as necessary until desired coverage is achieved.
5. Apply one light to medium coat of LazerDarkTM Clear Finish Coat
per instructions on can. Allow 10-15 min to dry.
6. Remove laser masking.
Clean up
• Immediately after use, clean the nozzle by inverting the can and spraying until the mist becomes clear.
• Nozzle can be removed and soaked in paint thinner if spraying difficulty is encountered or nozzle becomes clogged.
• For best results, spray at normal room temperature, 68o - 78o F.
• For easier laser masking removal, remove within an hour of application.
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