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  Duets® AccentsTM Acrylic Sheet Stock Transparent colors: gloss finish on both sides
made in the
         L-020-028 1/8" L-020-029 1/4" Clear Glass Transparent
L-020-058 1/8" L-020-068 1/8"
Green Glass Transparent Topaz Glass Transparent
             Translucent colors: matte (non-gloss) finish one side / gloss finish one side
    L-020-008 1/8" L-020-009 1/4" Matte Glass Translucent
L-020-878 1/8"
Amethyst Translucent
L-020-808 1/8"
Ice Translucent
Poppy Translucent
L-020-848 1/8"
French Blue Translucent
1/8" L-020-838 1/8"
Turquoise Translucent
L-020-818 1/8"
Citrine Translucent
L-020-898 1/8"
Smoke Translucent
    Solid colors: matte (non-gloss) finish one side / gloss finish one side
      L-020-118 1/8" L-020-119 1/4" Polar White Solid Color
L-020-108 1/8" L-020-138 1/8"
L-020-158 1/8"
Royal Blue Solid Color
L-020-478 1/8"
Everest Gray Solid Color
L-020-109 1/4"
Jet Black Solid Color
Crimson Solid Color
Laser Vector Cuts Bevels
Heat Bendable Screen Prints
Hot Stamps Bonds
UV stable*
Laser Engraves CNC Routes
                Add “Q” for quarter sheet (12" x 24") or “H” for half sheet (24" x 24") to the end of the part number when ordering. Part number as listed indicates “Full” sheet.
AP Customers get best price when ordering any 10 quarter sheets, 10 half sheets or 5 full sheets of plastic sheet stock.
Duets Sample Swatch Binder:
Purchase a Duets® Swatch Binder. Item #DBINDER Contact us for FREE binder swatch replacements.
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 Engraving Materials & Supplies

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